Issue 162

December 2017

One simple step to set you up for a straight ankle lock

Ricky Lundell, tthe BJJ black belt and NCAA Division I wrestling prodigy presents his MMA leglock masterclass with Bellator heavyweight Frank Mir.

1 - Ricky is in Frank’s half guard, but is struggling to pass into a more dominant position in mount or side control.

2 - Abandoning his attempt to pass, Ricky steps over Frank with his left leg and puts his foot down beside his butt.

3 - As Ricky turns, he posts out on his left hand to get into position to attack the leg with both hands.

4 - Ricky drops his body and reaches under Frank’s leg to catch his foot with his left hand and control the limb.

5 - Now turned completely away from frank, Ricky drops his head to the mat and catches his left hand with his right.

6 - Ricky digs the blade of his forearm into Frank’s ankle, arches his hips to the ground and slides his head forward to get the tap.



Don’t fall to the side instead of dropping your head on the ground so you don’t give your opponent a chance to scramble into mount.


If your opponent can free their leg, you can scramble away from danger to minimize risk of getting caught.


Make sure the leg is secure and your head is clear. Attacking with both hands leaves you defenseless to strikes if you’re within reach.