Fighters Only magazine launched in February 2005 becoming the world’s first mixed martial magazine and multi-channel media source for the sport. Originally called ‘Ultimate Fighter’ Magazine, the title changed its name after the UFC informed the company of its intention to launch a reality TV show under the same name. The decision to change was immediate and was the subsequent action that built a close relationship between Fighters Only CEO Rob Hewitt and UFC President Dana White.

Fighters Only went on to publish localized language editions in Germany, South Africa, and Mexico as well as wholly-owned issues in the US and the UK (the latter being exported to 31 other countries).

The Fighters Only content archive is arguably the world’s biggest editorial resource on the history of mixed martial arts. Our archives have fight reports, features, interviews, and unique insights into every fighter, fight, knockout, and submission to have occurred in the lifespan of mixed martial arts. Over our 15-year publishing period, we have become the trusted almanac of MMA.

Fighters Only is the MMA publisher with the longest-running and most dedicated journalistic legacy in the fight world. Steeped in history, we’ve become a thought leader and impartial expert who referees each year’s greatest moments, thanks to our World Mixed Martial Arts Awards. We’re no longer just a media outlet, we’re an inventor of multiplier media in MMA. 

Our mission is to give our members, readers, and partners access to the world’s largest and only curated history of MMA. We exist to service the appetites of every fan and fighter. To deliver the complete picture, we also produce new content in every fan’s home language, everywhere MMA is celebrated. 

We service the MMA newcomers and veteran fight fiends who see themselves as an authentic fan who seeks authority by learning what was, what is, and what will be in the world of MMA. To achieve our fan's goals, we publish dependable information from a trusted source, day after day, decade after decade. 

Fighters Only prides itself on being the only globally connected MMA experience that hits different.