Issue 166

April 2018

Scoot to a better position so you can land damaging elbows from your back.

Greg Jackson

MMA's most in-demand coach demonstrates the best techniques for the cage, aided by UFC bantamweight, John Dodson.

1 - John has taken Greg down and goes into his guard. To improve position, Greg puts his hands on John’s shoulders and opens guard.

2 - Greg pushes with both hands and shuffles backwards from side to side, until both his arms are fully extended.

3 - Now in a position to strike, Greg raises his elbow and elevates his hips to generate maximum force with an elbow.

4 - Greg crunches his body, as if he is doing a sit-up, and drives his elbow into John’s forehead.



This technique is best employed against a strong wrestler, who has your hips locked down tight.


Imagine your shoulder blades are like feet and use them to ‘walk’ backwards to create space.


Maintain your hand position on the shoulders so you can remain in control if your opponent tries to drive forward.