Issue 164

February 2018

Move from half guard and secure a tapout using an inverted heel hook

Ricky Lundell, the BJJ black belt and NCAA Division I wrestling prodigy presents his MMA leglock masterclass with UFC heavyweight Frank Mir.

1 - Ricky begins by attacking Frank, who is defending in the half guard position.

2 - Ricky plants his hands on the mat for balance and turns to step his left leg back over Frank’s left leg.

3 - Ricky hooks Frank’s left leg with his left arm and cups Frank’s heel with his right hand.

4 - Ricky lifts Frank’s leg with his right hand and shoots his left arm past Frank’s knee.

5 - Now with Frank’s leg behind his arm, Ricky starts to turn to his side, wrapping his left arm around Frank’s leg.

6 - Ricky completes the 180-degree rotation and drops to his back. He pulls Frank’s foot into his body so he doesn’t lose control.

7 - To finish the submission, Ricky cups Frank’s heel with his right hand, grabs his right wrist with his left hand and rotates the heel clockwise. Frank has to tap or risk serious injury to his knee.



  • Despite its name, a heel hook is a leg lock which manipulates the knee joint


  • Keep your opponent’s leg pinched between yours. If it’s loose and has space to move, your opponent can straighten theirs and escape more easily


  • When applying the submission, make sure your inside leg is tucked behind your outside leg. This will make it difficult for your opponent to counter with his own inverted heel hook