Issue 158

September 2017

Take your opponent’s defense apart and attack with this counter frame and knee.

1: John has a strong frame lock, which stops Greg reaching for a second underhook with his left arm and getting clinch control.

2: Greg can counter by coming inside with his left arm and grabbing John’s right shoulder to create a counter frame.

3: Greg can now pivot and drive off his right knee to move John and shift his weight over and onto his right leg.

4: By pushing with both of his hands on the shoulder, Greg moves John’s head into a very vulnerable position.

5: Keeping his head out of the frame, but tight to John with his weight against him, Greg switches stance to set up a dangerous strike.

6: With John left relatively defenseless, Greg has space to unleash a left knee to his head, which can do serious damage.



Fighting for that first underhook means you won’t have to worry about a double-leg takedown counter.


Once you’ve landed a damaging blow, keep attacking. You’re in an excellent position to finish a fight from here.


If the knee to the body is easier and available, it can also be a very damaging strike.