Issue 146

October 2016

Rick Hawn picks his best equipment for training to conquer in the cage.

A. Smart mouth

I’ve been wearing a custom mouthpiece that Under Armour makes. It’s pretty expensive, but worth it.

B. Long lasting

I have used all of the best boxing gloves for sparring and bag work. I have to say Winning are the best ones I’ve worn so far. I use Winning headgear (too). I’ve had the same one for about three years now. It works great.

C. Under wraps

I love the Hayabusa hand wraps. I have been using them for a couple years.

D. En guard

I’ve been using a pair of Hayabusa shin guards the last couple years and they’ve been really good.

E. Spoiled for choice

I own a bunch of different T-shirt brands that I wear all the time. I have some Fuji, a few Affliction, Hayabusa, Cauliflower Culture and Boston Brawler.

F. Favorite threads 

I train mostly in Fuji MMA fight shorts. I never really carry any supplements in my bag. Most of the products I carry are from Fuji Sports, including my gym bag itself.