Issue 144

August 2016

UFC heavyweight Todd Duffee reveals his super-sized menu

Q What do you gorge on? 

A These days I don’t gorge much as I’m trying to stay in shape. But I would say pizza, yogurt and sushi when I can.

Q What do you cheat with during fight camp?

A What like junk food? Anything I want. I’ve eaten healthy my whole life so I’m not afraid to make big mistakes every once in a while.


Q What’s in your freezer?

A I have blueberries in the freezer, but no peas. I prefer an ice pack (to use on injuries).

Q What do you have in your fridge at all times?

A Top of the list would be grass-fed beef and grass-fed butter. You can’t mess about with your meat and dairy. I also like to have prepared juices in there and prepped sweet potatoes, but that’s really about it. When I’m feeling rich after a fight I like to indulge with some fresh raspberries.

Q What’s your favorite bottled sauce?

A I used to use a lot of hot sauce in college but I actually use zero condiments. 

Q What dessert do you enjoy most?

A What, you want me to rank my favorite sweets? Listen, I’m a big guy, so I enjoy all of them.

Q What’s your signature dish?

A When I’m cooking up in the kitchen I have a few favorites, but the one I’m known for is my peanut

butter mustard pork chops.

Q What do you like to eat after the weigh-ins?

A I usually like to have a little sweet potato and chicken with fresh vegetable juice.

Q What food do you look forward to most after a fight?

A Pizza. It doesn’t matter what kind or who made it, I just want to gorge on slice after slice.


The myth about saturated fat causing heart disease has been thoroughly debunked, which means butter should be back on your bread.


Raspberries are a true superfood and as well as offering a wealth of antioxidants 100g also contains 43% of your daily vitamin C requirement


Blueberries are antioxidant pound-for-pound kings, topping the table of both fruits and vegetables.