Issue 169

August 2018

Take control and turn the tables when your back’s against the wall with this two-on-one, off-the-wall escape

Ricky Lundell, the BJJ black belt and NCAA Division I wrestling prodigy presents his MMA wall-work masterclass with Dan Hardy

1 - Dan has Ricky pressed against the wall with a left-arm underhook and a head position that limits Ricky’s movement and isolates his right arm.

2 - Ricky’s grip on Dan’s right wrist prevents Dan from gaining double underhooks. Ricky then straightens his arm and brings it over Dan’s left shoulder.

3 - Ricky brings his arm all the way over between his head and Dan’s and grabs a two-on-one grip on Dan’s right wrist.

4 - Ricky steps forward with his right foot and uses his right hand to put Dan’s arm in his back pocket.

5 - Ricky spins anticlockwise before letting go of his wrist control and stepping away to create distance from Dan.



Steps 4 and 5 need to be done at with speed to stop your opponent from regaining the body lock.


This technique is best used against the fence, as it will block your opponent from taking your back when you reach for the twoon-one grip.


Catch your opponent with your left elbow when spinning out of this technique to turn defense into offense.


Pressured against the cage, Cain Velasquez used the two-on-one grip to spin out of Brock Lesnar’s clutches, before launching his finishing attack and winning his first UFC heavyweight championship.