Issue 202

March 2024

In a breathtaking display of power and precision, Renan Ferreira seizes the moment, clinching victory over Ryan Bader with a jaw-dropping 21-second TKO under the dazzling lights of Riyadh's Kingdom Arena. This historic PFL vs. Bellator: Champs event on February 24, 2024, marks a monumental first in Saudi Arabian MMA and an unforgettable night in the sport's legacy. The photograph captures an exhilarating moment of triumph and unity as Ferreira, overwhelmed with emotion, is awarded the championship belt. Beside him stands the indomitable Mike Tyson, a titan of the boxing world, whose presence lends an air of legendary status to the victory and creates a bridge between combat sports generations.

This image is a testament to the first MMA collaboration between PFL and Bellator on Saudi soil, setting a new precedent for international sporting events and showcasing the universal appeal of MMA's fierce competition and spirit of camaraderie.