Issue 202

March 2024

Almost 13 years of impeccable results have followed Jon Jones after this tester against Rampage Jackson.

In a riveting clash of titans, Jon Jones and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson squared off in the UFC 135 battle that showcased the pinnacle of MMA strategy and resilience. Amid the intense back-and-forth, a defining moment emerged when Jones, trapped in a precarious position, displayed remarkable composure and strategic genius. With his back against the cage, Jones ingeniously utilized his elbow to deflect Rampage's onslaught, swiftly transitioning into a grappling maneuver that left the crowd in awe. This sequence highlighted Jones's superior fight IQ and his unmatched strength and poise under pressure. The fight was a testament to Jones's ability to turn the tide, embodying the essence of MMA with a blend of tactical brilliance and physical prowess.

Date: September 2011

Location: Denver, Colorado, USA