Issue 202

February 2024

Amanda Nunes is the first woman in UFC history to become a two-division champion who ruled the women’s bantam division for a record 1,981 days. Renowned for her powerful striking and formidable grappling skills, Nunes is considered one of the greatest female fighters in the history of MMA, with notable victories over some of the sport's most iconic figures. Here are her thoughts on her hall of fame worthy career.

How did you feel when you beat Cris Cyborg? 

That night, I made history. I was so ready. Nothing was going to stop me from doing what I wanted. I respect Cris a lot. She was a great champion, but I knew I was going to be the one to beat her, and it happened.

What does it mean to be honored with an Equality Visibility Award? 

When people find out how strong and powerful love is, then this world will be a better place. I want to see this happen one day,” Nunes said during her acceptance speech. I’m going to do everything I can to support this community with a positive presence by sharing my love and showing everyone that I’m happy. My dream has come true, and I want to share this with everyone and help a lot of people be themselves. I’m going to keep doing it until the world is better.

How is it to have trained fighters like Ariana Lipski? 

Honestly, in the studio, we help each other. It's not like a big gym. We get in there, and we are all good friends. We have fun just being around each other. Sometimes it's only the three of us, you know, and we have so much fun inside of that gym, and sometimes all of our other friends come, too, and we have a great time. So it's only friends and family and people that we really trust, and that's it. Right now, I'm not really thinking about opening a big gym or anything like that, but eventually, I want to be there for fighters. I want to maybe give a little advice here and there and be involved and maybe help build a champion. That would be cool.

How do you feel about being called the GOAT? 

You know, I have put everything I have into this sport. I love this sport so much, and I've put everything that I have into it to chase my dream, to become who I am today. I feel like all the positive thoughts from the fans – from everybody, really – I feel like it's very important and good for me, so if they tell me that I'm the greatest, I feel happy, and I'm able to push forward and give my all to the fans, doing what they want to see every time I step in the cage: a girl that can strike, that can finish people on the floor, that can take somebody down. So yes, I feel happy when they call me the GOAT, and I know that after all the work I put in, the sweat, the blood, the heart that I show in that cage, I feel like I deserve to be able to say, 'Yeah, I'm the greatest.'