Issue 203

April 2024

In a stunning display of precision and power, Sean O’Malley unleashes a knee strike against Chito Vera that reverberates through the arena, a moment that will be etched in fight lore.

The strike, so forceful it seemed to send shockwaves to the nosebleed seats, marked a pivotal turn in the championship bout.

Fans were left in disbelief. How did Vera withstand such a devastating hit? O’Malley had been setting up the knee for some time, channeling the momentum of his entire body into the blow. Landing squarely on Vera’s chin before glancing off toward his eye socket, the strike highlighted the concrete in Vera’s chin. Remarkably, Vera, who has never been stopped by a knockout, absorbed over 186 strikes from O’Malley throughout the match. This particular knee, delivered with such force, may have floored most UFC fighters regardless of their weight divisions, but Vera's unwavering spirit saw him through to the final bell, pushing the fight to a decision.

O’Malley remarked post-fight on the distinct sensation of something breaking upon impact, a testament to the strike's severity. By the fight's end, a significant welt had formed on Vera's face, a visible marker of the battle waged.

This match, one for the history books, showcased a battle of wills and physicality, cementing its place as a memorable clash for the bantamweight title.

Date: March 9, 2024

Location: UFC 299, Kaseya Center, Miami Florida