Issue 205

May 2024

In a stunning display of resilience and tenacity, Jose Aldo turned back the clock at UFC 301 with a unanimous decision victory over Jonathan Martinez, reminding fans why he's known as the King of Rio. The bout marked Aldo's return to the Octagon after an 18-month retirement.

From the opening bell, Aldo showcased his vintage form, landing precise right hands that left Martinez reeling. The 37-year-old legend neutralized Martinez's kicking game with smart boxing and impeccable movement. The second round saw Aldo continue his dominance, expertly countering Martinez's attacks and maintaining a relentless pace.

As the fight progressed, what was supposed to be Martinez's coronation as an up-and-coming contender became a celebration of Aldo's storied career. In the third round, Aldo landed heavy shots, finishing the fight on top and securing a clean sweep on the judges' scorecards (30-27, 30-27, 30-27). The raucous Brazilian crowd cheered, celebrating their hero's triumphant return.

Post-fight, Aldo reflected on his performance and future plans. "We have a lot of offers," Aldo revealed. "We could have a boxing match lined up pretty quickly if we wanted to do that. But let's wait. Let me go in there and put on a performance. We'll talk after that to see if we'll renew a deal or not."

This victory, potentially Aldo's last under the UFC banner, epitomized his legendary status. With a career spanning over a decade, Aldo has been a dominant force in the featherweight division, earning a spot in the UFC Hall of Fame in 2023. His journey from a record-setting featherweight champion to a resilient bantamweight contender has been remarkable. As fans and fighters celebrate his return, the King of Rio once again reigns supreme, proving that legends never truly retire—they simply find new ways to shine.

Date: May 04, 2024

Location: UFC 301, Farmasi Arena, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil