Savannah Marshall produced one of the most entertaining debuting MMA rounds in recent memory as she picked up a first round stoppage victory in her mixed martial arts debut.

The Hartlepool-born boxing world champion made the leap to MMA just nine months ago and too on Mirela Vargas at PFL Europe: Newcastle.

In the four and a half minute affair, both women had several moments of success, with the Brazilian finding hers first, chopping at the leg of Marshall and momentarily forcing Marshall to drop to her knee after her leg was taken out from under her.

The boxing prowess of the 33 year old was already well known by everyone but it was once again on display as she looked to piece Vargas on the feet. However, Vargas was more than happy to stand and trade and the two of them clearly hurting one another several times.

After Marshall had Vargas hurt, the Brazilian managed to take the ground to the mat and the tactic then called for Marshall to call upon her recently developed jiu jitsu skills.

Vargas was well versed on the ground and looked to move herself into full mount but then saw and opportunity to tie up a tight head and arm choke. Marshall then proved that her grappling was up to scratch against Vargas and managed to espace out of the back door and almost looked for a back take herself before abandoning it to pursiot the striking game she is now accustomed to.

Although Marshall was doing a good job of keeping the bout on the feet, there always felt that there was the threat Vargas could shoot for the submission at any time.

With less than 30 seconds left of what had been a monumentally entertaining opening stanza, Marshall picked up the pace and hurt Vargas with numerous big hits before following it up with a barrage of strikes to see the finish.

Post fight, long time foe and fellow boxer turned MMA athlete Claressa Shields appeared in the cage to set up, what appeared to be, her trilogy fight against Marshall inside the Smart Cage!