Darren Till swapped the Octagon for the ring over the weekend, picking up a victory in an boxing bout.

‘The Gorilla’ was originally scheduled to face Julio Cesar Chaves Jr on the undercard of the Jake Paul vs. Mike Tyson card but following the withdrawal of Tyson, the card was subsequently postponed. Till then took to social media last week to announce that he had taken a short notice contest against Mohammed Mutie at Social Knockout 3.

Till looked calm and composed inside the ring, finding his feet in the well in the first round. In the second round, whilst tied in a clinch, Till appeared to land a rabbit punch to the back of Mutie’s head, causing the latter to instantly fall to his knees and after an extended period of time on the floor. Mutie then told the referee he could no longer continue, the contest was over and Till got the TKO stoppage win.

After the bout was waved off, a brawl ensued, with both teams getting involved and with Till and Mutie having to be pulled away from each other to prevent things from escalating

Speaking to Fred Talks Fighting, Till reflected on his boxing debut and discussed the subsequent mele that ensued. He said:

“I felt good, I was just easing into it. Do you know what? He just didn’t want to be there, the guy. He made this façade, this big entrance and then he just ran, through a few hooks and then he got hit to the back of the head. He is an MMA fighter, so he is used to getting back of the head (shots) so that’s all excuses.

“If you’re a fighter, you’re a fighter, if you’re not, you’re not. He just didn’t want to be there. Then after, he’s rolling around on the ground for 20 minutes and I am just like ‘Is this what my debut has come to?’ And then he comes over to me saying ‘I want to fight!’ I was like ‘You don’t want to fight, you’ve just been rolling around for 20 minutes’ and I said ‘You’re a coward’ and he is trying to run at me so, I am a fighter at the end of the day, I am going to self defend myself and it just sort of broke out from there.”

Moving forward, Till has several people he would like to step inside the ring against. He said:

“But you know, I got the win. I got the TKO if you want to call it that and onto the next one. As I said, I am not a four round, 2 minute fighter. I am a eight round, 3 minute fighter and any of these guys, I was meant to fight Chavez Jr and I was going to knock him flat out, these Jake Pauls, Tommy Furys, these Masdivals and Diazs, they are just there to be took.”

You can see his full interview with Fred Talks Fighting, below: