Former Cage Warriors Featherweight champion Paul Hughes has revealed he will explore free agency, after his bout at Cage Warriors 170. 

The 10-1 star is set to make the walk to Cage Warriors cage to face Fabiano Silva in the Simmonscourt RDS on April 6. 

Speaking to Petesy Carroll on ‘The Craic’, ‘Big News’ discussed his future plans and the moves he will be looking to make following Saturday night. He said:

"It's very exciting, to be honest, because not a lot of fighters get the opportunity to test actual free agency. You know, sometimes there's contractual things where you can't actually go fight in certain places or here or there. I'm going to be a true free agent after I win next Saturday, you know. So it gives me the amazing opportunity to just go play the game, see what's out there for me.

"Now, of course, everybody knows, like especially last year I was waiting around for the UFC but the only option was UFC with Cage Warriors, how it contractually works. But now the fact that I'm an actual free agent, I can see what what's out there for me. I'll talk to everyone. Absolutely everyone. Because why wouldn't I? I'm a free agent.

"You know, as I say, not a lot of people get this opportunity. I will absolutely talk to everyone and I will make the decision that's best for for my career and for myself. I have absolutely no doubt that other promotions will offer me potentially ten times of what the UFC could potentially offer. Now, the UFC may have a f***ing fantastic offer for me off of this fight. I'm not sure. that's the beauty of it!"

Having first pulled on the famous yellow gloves in 2019. Hughes shot through the 145lbs division, capturing impressive victory after impressive victory. A second round submission win against Aidan Stephen led to Hughes’ first show down against Jordan Vucenic, a rivalry that would play an important role in the development of both men. 

Over an extremely close 15 minutes, Vucenic edged decision on two of the three judges score cards, handing Hughes his first professional loss. 

Hughes would return just three months later and assert himself back in the win column with a win over James Hendin. Having established himself back at the top of the division, the Fight Academy Ireland man faced Morgan Charriere for the interim Featherweight title. 

Over the 5 rounds, the two men went toe to toe with Hughes coming out the victor and being crowned the new interim champ. 

This then led to rematch Vucenic. Across the five rounds, Hughes looked at his career best. After a close first round, Hughes pulled away and comfortably took the next four to become the outright champion at 145lbs.

In his last outing, 'Big News' made the move to 155lbs and stopped Jan Quaeyhaegens with a stunning first round left hook, to crown off him homecoming in stellar fashion.