Issue 206

July 2024

Fighters Only’s social media editor, Ryan Burnyeat, picks out his highlights from the past month on MMA social media.


Alex Pereira delivered a stunning knockout victory over Jiri Prochazka at UFC 303, cementing his place among the all-time greats. Taking the fight on short notice, Pereira demonstrated precision and power, showcasing his lethal striking arsenal. The head kick that finished Prochazka was a thing of beauty, perfectly timed and executed just 13 seconds into the second round. Fans were treated to the knockout from multiple angles, each more impressive than the last. It's a reminder of why Pereira remains a dominant force in the UFC. Whether it's his devastating leg kicks or his powerful hands, Pereira's ability to finish fights in spectacular fashion keeps him at the top of the sport.


Robert Valentin dropped the hammer in The Ultimate Fighter 32, and it wasn't pretty for Giannis Bachar. Stepping into the cage, Valentin was all business and wasted zero time – 30 seconds, to be exact. Bachar lunged in, probably thinking he was about to grapple. Big mistake. Valentin channeled his inner Thor and unleashed an elbow that could split the heavens. Bachar hit the mat moments later, and referee Chris Tognoni had to jump in to stop Valentin from turning him into a canvas painting. We expect big things from this fighter.


At UFC Louisville, Bruno Ferreira turned Dustin Stoltzfus into a human highlight reel with a spinning back elbow so savage it could decapitate statues. Stoltzfus held his own until Ferreira decided to unleash the beast. Ferreira didn’t just stop at the knockout; he grabbed the mic and called out Bo Nickal for a judo vs. wrestling showdown. Talk about guts – this man doesn’t just want to fight; he wants to prove he's got what it takes to own the division.


Alexander Volkov proved that looks are everything, even in the middle of a fight. During his dominant win over Sergei Pavlovich at UFC Saudi Arabia, Volkov took the idea of a stylish beatdown to a new level by getting his hair done between rounds. Fans on social media went wild, with Volkov himself explaining post-fight that his longer hair needed some extra attention. “I had to bring a stylist to keep it out of my face,” he joked. “Look good, fight good, right?” One thing’s for sure: Volkov’s performance was as sharp as his hairstyle. Pavlovich may have brought the fight, but Volkov brought the style – and the win.


Robert Whittaker proved he's got the banter to match his skills, delivering a verbal knockout to Khamzat Chimaev's taunt. Whittaker, ever the joker, laughed off Chimaev’s bravado with, “See you soon? Where, bro? You can't get into any country. Where you gonna see me?” It's a mic drop moment that has had his fans roaring. Chimaev’s journey has been plagued by health issues, including a mystery illness that caused him to withdraw from a fight against Whittaker. The illness led to retirement rumors, but Chimaev insists he's not done yet. His career is also up against visa snags thanks to his associations with Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov. Despite his meteoric rise, these complications have severely limited his ability to compete in the US. Maybe Chimaev should revise his taunts, “See you a country that will let me in.”