OKTAGON 54 will proceed with all bouts, even with multiple weight misses.

In the main event, both Patrik Kincl and Piotr Wawrzyniak made championship weight of 185lbs as the undisputed Middleweight king will be crowned.

All seven of the Tipsport Gamechanger bouts will go ahead even though multiple athletes missed weight.

Current, reigning Lightweight champion Ronald Paradeiser missed weight, coming in 2lbs over the 156lbs limit ahead of his fight against Atilla Korkmaz.

Mateusz Legierski also came in over the Lightweight limit, tipping the scales at 158lbs. His opponent, Matous Kohout came in at the championship weight of 155lbs.

The unbeaten Hafeni Nafuka missed weight by the biggest amount of those in the tournament, weighing in at 158lbs. His bout against Predrag Bogdanovic will still go head, with Bogdanovic coming in bang on 156lbs.

The only other miss came when Ebrahim Hosseinpour monumentally missed weight ahead of his reserve Tipsport Gamechanger bout against Miloš Janicic. Hosseinpour came in at 163lbs ahead of the contest but Janicic was happy to proceed, as long as Hosseinpour doesn't come in heavier than 174lbs on 14:00 on fight day.

All other athletes competing in the Tipsport Gamechanger came in successfully on weight and will continue in their pursuit of the Tipsport Gamechanger final.

OKTAGON 54 Weigh In Results

Main Event

OKTAGON MMA Undisputed Middleweight Title: (c) Patrik Kincl (83.8kg/185lbs) vs. (ic) Piotr Wawrzyniak (83.8kg/185lbs)

Co-Main Event Tipsport Gamechanger: *Ronald Paradeiser (71.7kg/158lbs) vs. Atilla Korkmaz (70.8kg/156lbs)

*Paradeiser missed weight by 0.9kg/2lbs but the bout will continue as scheduled

Tipsport Gamechanger

Makwan Amirkhani (70.6kg/156lbs) vs. Mago Machaev (70.6kg/156lbs) 

Tipsport Gamechanger

Vladimír Lengál (70.8kg/156lbs) vs. Daniel Torres (70.2kg/155lbs)

Tipsport Gamechanger

*Mateusz Legierski (71.5kg/158lbs) vs. Matouš Kohout (70.3kg/155lbs)

*Legierski missed weight by 0.7kg/2lbs but the bout will continue as scheduled

Tipsport Gamechanger

Marcel Grabinski (70.6kg/156lbs) vs. Acoidan Duque (70.8kg/156lbs)

Tipsport Gamechanger

Akonne Wanliss (70.7kg/156lbs) vs. Sahil Siraj (70.2kg/155lbs)

 Tipsport Gamechanger

*Hafeni Nafuka (71.5kg/158lbs) vs. Predrag Bogdanovic (70.6kg/156lbs)

*Nafuka missed weight by 0.7kg/2lbs but the bout will continue as scheduled

 Preliminary Card


Radek Roušal (66.2kg/146lbs) vs. Luke Neale (65.9kg/145lbs)

 Tipsport Gamechanger Reserve Bout

Jason Ponet (70.8kg/156lbs) vs. ?ukasz Rajewski (70.7kg/156lbs)

 Tipsport Gamechanger Reserve Bout

Miloš Janicic (70.6kg/156lbs) vs. *Ebrahim Hosseinpour (73.8kg/163lbs)

*Hosseinpour missed weight by 3kg/7lbs but the bout will continue as scheduled. He must weigh no more than 79kg/174lbs at 14:00 CET tomorrow.